Even very large buses e.g. double-decker and articulated buses, can be tested in our climate chamber under the harshest environmental conditions.

It is of particular importance for vehicles intended for passenger transport that air conditioning in the interior can be optimally controlled from each individual seat. This often represents a particular challenge.
In our climate chamber we can simulate an air condition test, reproducing environmental conditions ranging from -35 ° C to + 60 °C outside temperature, including humidity test and sunlight simulation.
By using numerous calibrated radio data loggers we can get a detailed overview of the interior temperature distribution, even for large coaches. It is also possible for us to extract emissions from the vehicle engine and fuel booster heater using our emission extraction system. The infrared camera indicates possible weaknesses in and on the vehicle during the early stages of the test.
Even cold start tests, defrosting tests of the front windscreen and auditing the workplace temperature are important aspects that contribute to the safety and travel comfort of the driver and passengers.
We check and test according to customer requirements and relevant DIN standards.

Our services at a glance:

  • Functional tests up to -35°C
  • Functional tests up to +60°C
  • Tests under sunlight conditions
  • Humidity tests
  • Cold start tests
  • Screen defrosting tests
  • Air conditioning systems function tests
  • Interior temperature distribution tests
  • “Worst case scenario” tests
  • Validations
  • Test according to DIN standards
  • Customer specific tests