Construction vehicles / machines

Even large construction vehicles and equipment can be accommodated in our climate chamber.

When it comes to construction machinery, particular attention must be placed on comfort of the employees who spend up to 10 hours per day in these vehicles. In extreme temperatures is very important that the vehicle operator finds himself/herself in a pleasant working climate to ensure a concentrated performance at all times.

Especially in freezing conditions it will take some time until a pleasant interior temperature is achieved in the cabin and the windows are defrosted. It also happens that the engines do not start after a period of disuse. In order to counteract these problems, the construction machinery can be subjected to a short “Endurance Test” of up to -35 ° C in our climate chamber to adjust and optimise all systems appropriately. Having the option of activating additional artificial sunlight, the production of humidity and heating up our climate chamber up to + 60 ° C allows us to perfom these tests in realistic conditions.

By carrying out functional tests (validation) in our climate chamber, vehicle manufacturer can verify that their construction vehicles function properly, even at extreme temperatures. The performance of auxillary drives, hydraulics and pneumatics can be tested at this point under extreme environmental conditions. For this purpose we can perform a test according to customer specifications and relevant DIN standards.
Upon successful completion of the test

Our services at a glance:

  • Functional tests up to -35°C
  • Functional tests up to +60°C
  • Tests under sunlight conditions
  • Humidity tests
  • Cold start tests
  • Screen defrosting tests
  • Air conditioning systems function tests
  • Interior temperature distribution tests
  • “Worst case scenario” tests
  • Validations
  • Test according to DIN standards
  • Customer specific tests