Fire Brigade


Even large fire engines and special vehicles can be accommodated in our climate chamber.
Particular attention must be placed on the comfort of the employees and on the functionality of the equipment in fire engines and special vehicles. It is of utmost importance for fire engines and special vehicles to be tested in extreme heat conditions in advance.
These extreme conditions can be reproduced in our climate chamber by means of heating it up to + 60 ° C and addition heat impact from solar radiation.

Visa versa, the vehicle also has to be fully functional at extremely low temperatures in winter.
The air conditioning of the passenger compartment of these special vehicles can also be tested in our climate chamber using calibrated data loggers and infrared camera.

Our services at a glance:

  • Functional tests up to -35°C
  • Functional tests up to +60°C
  • Tests under sunlight conditions
  • Humidity tests
  • Cold start tests
  • Screen defrosting tests
  • Air conditioning systems function tests
  • Interior temperature distribution tests
  • “Worst case scenario” tests
  • Validations
  • Test according to DIN standards
  • Customer specific tests