GDP-pharmaceutical Certified Solution

The AMWHV and EU GDP guidelines stipulate that any work and transport process in the pharmaceutical industry must be validated. It requires wholesalers to guarantee storage conditions for pharmaceutical goods for the entire journey and mainly comply with the temperature limits as stipulated by the manufacturer.

These high standards can be tested in the VL-Thermo-Solutions climate chamber by simulating transport processes with actual specifications for validation, taking all thermal environmental and transport-related factors such as opening doors etc. into account. These simulations have already been conducted in the past for global pharmaceutical companies.

To guarantee a perfect simulation of transport processes, a working group will be set up in advance consisting of drug manufacturers or wholesalers and our experts to work out a transport test, which determines the entire test sequence down to the last detail. This test is then performed and documented by our staff in the climate chamber. Following a successful test run, a complex final report with validation certificate is created, based on the entire recorded data. These documents serve our customers on the one hand to meet the EU’s GDP and AMWHV guidelines and on the other, are good evidence for their own clients that the transport function safely.

Furthermore, these transport tests have proven to be very useful in the past in order to identify improvement potential for transport processes, and have thus led to economic and environmental gains.

Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities our climate chamber can offer you in order operate in line with the law and/or to maintain or even increase the competitiveness of your company.

Your VL Thermal Solutions Team