Mobile homes/caravans

Mobile homes/caravans – test according to DIN-EN 1646-1, winterized

To ensure that mobile home/caravan owners enjoy a high standard of quality on their journeys, it is important that the manufacturers test their mobile homes/caravans according to DIN-EN 1646-1.
Particular attention is placed on testing mobile homes/caravans of category 3. They have the highest standards as regards the heating of the interior, the function of air circulation, fan and hot water supply.
These qualifications can be performed in our climate chamber in accordance with DIN-EN 1646. The process of this qualification could be as follows:

  1. Close all adjustable vents
  2. Mounting of calibrated data loggers in the centre and corners of the living area
  3. Cooling down the climate chamber to -15 ° C for a given period.
  4. Heating of the motor home/caravan to + 20 ° C

The qualification is passed and the vehicle is classed as winterized when the interior temperature of + 20 ° C is reached within 4 hours.
In addition, customer-specific requirements such as cold start tests, sunlight simulation, generation of humidity, defrosting tests etc. can of course be considered.
Upon successful completion of the test, we are able to provide a certificate.

Our services at a glance:

  •  Functional tests up to -35°C
  •  Functional tests up to +60°C
  •  Tests under sunlight conditions
  •  Humidity tests
  •  Cold start tests
  •  Screen defrosting tests
  •  Air conditioning systems function tests
  •  Interior temperature distribution tests
  •  “Worst case scenario” tests
  •  Validations
  •  Test according to DIN standards
  •  Customer specific tests

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