Thermo-constructions / cooling and heating devices

Using an environmental chamber for testing is essential, especially in the development of thermal structures, but also for tests on existing thermal structures. In these tests, it can also be verified in extreme conditions, whether the performance of the selected cooling and heating systems is sufficient.
It is particularly important for thermal structures, which are often used for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods, such as food, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods etc. that the insulation of the box/ structure complies with the legal requirements.

In our climate chamber we can select the appropriate ambient temperature of -35 ° C to + 60 ° C to simulate and test the device realistically under additional conditions, i.e. sunlight simulation and humidity. Endurance tests with relevant doorways can also be performed.
Data loggers that are mounted in the interior of the load compartment determine the temperature distribution and an infrared camera detects the smallest of leaks.

Constructions and box compartments without refrigeration unit are also often deployed for the transport of temperature sensitive medicines, foods, etc., but even these less sensitive goods can spoil if exposed to the most extreme conditions.
In our climate chamber we can simulate a “worst case scenario” for an extended period. Our equipment can record when the interior temperature of the construction has reached the lower or upper limit, and the products in transit have lost their effectiveness and durability.

Our services at a glance

  • Functional tests up to -35°C
  • Functional tests up to +60°C
  • Tests under sunlight conditions
  • Humidity tests
  • Cold start tests
  • Screen defrosting tests
  • Air conditioning systems function tests
  • Interior temperature distribution tests
  • “Worst case scenario” tests
  • Validations
  • Test according to DIN standards
  • Customer specific tests