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Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Pharmaceutical transport vehicle qualification according to DIN SPEC 91323

What is GDP?


Supply chains are becoming more complex due to various aspects and thus increasingly important for transport and distribution. Logistics service providers in the pharmaceutical industry have to meet the demanding EU GDP requirements. Our testing laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and carries out GDP qualifications according to DIN SPEC 91323. This is considered proof of competent compliance with the high requirements and guarantees reliable handling of the transport chain.

GDP prescribes suitable vehicles for the transport of pharmaceutical goods.  A comparable and standardised suitability test (DIN SPEC 91323) is only possible by validating the vehicles in a climate hall. According to this, the means of transport must be placed in an conditioned facility that generates outside temperatures according to the average extreme values in the respective country of use. In Germany, this means winter conditions of -17°C and summer conditions of +38°C outside temperature. No problem for the climate hall of VL Thermo-Solutions.


Our service*:

Through our climate hall we have the possibility to certify your vehicles and vehicle fleets, whether used or new, according to the given guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry. We certify according to the type principle. This means that a vehicle is tested under standardised criteria. Depending on the requirements, this type of test takes several days.

After passing the test procedure, a certificate including documentation is issued. Now, vehicles of identical construction can be certified at low cost after reviewing the documentation. In addition, you will receive an certification plate of compliance for your vehicles, which confirms the tested quality and offers security to the logistics as well as the pharmaceutical industry.


VL-Protect is our specially developed system to ensure the safe transport of sensitive goods for the logistics and pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to guarantee a tamper-proof and transparent certification service. Transparent for you and your existing, as well as potential customers. In addition, our VL-Protect system not only creates trust with your customers and partners, but also saves you a lot of time when you get into the situation of having to pass on your certificates.


Why is GDP qualification necessary?

  • Guaranteed maintenance of product safety and quality as well as integrity of medicinal products
  • Ensuring temperature chains in pharmaceutical logistics through professional transport
  • Compliance with the EU Guidelines of 5 November 2013 on Good Distribution Practice for Medicinal Products for Human Use.

Characteristics of our safety system*

  • The certificate: Forgery-proof certificate is handed over to you as an original. A data backup remains on our servers, the transfer of the data can be requested from us.
  • Register: Your certificate is archived in our online register and can be accessed via a direct link.
  • Certification plate: Our certification plate is affixed to your vehicle. It is provided with certificate and chassis number and a QR code. This QR code contains the direct link to our register with your certificate.

With certificates in our register, you are guaranteed that they are only certificates actually issued by us. Due to the double protection provided by our register and the link to the register via the QR code, there is no possibility of unfairly manipulating our certificates or test badges with QR codes.

Questions about GDP qualification?


You would like to make an individual enquiry or have questions about GDP qualification? Contact us now, our competent laboratory staff will be pleased to help you!

*Not part of the accreditation.
The DAkkS accreditation is only valid for the scope defined in the document annex D-PL-21133-01-00.