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The effects of climate change and globalization pose new challenges not only to the environment but also to the global economy. Solutions are needed. This is exactly what the expert team at VL Thermo-Solutions has set out to do. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in the small Westphalian town of Versmold, the family-managed company uses qualified simulation tests to ensure that products for the global market can withstand all the environmental influences to which they are exposed – whether in the Arctic or the desert. VL Thermo-Solutions GmbH therefore makes an important contribution to climate protection.

  • Competence: As a DAkkS-accredited* testing laboratory in the specialist areas of GDP qualification and ATP certification, we comply with all quality standards according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The tests of the objects are carried out in our neutral climate hall, which by the way is one of the largest in Europe. Additionally the companys pharmaceutical GDP warehouse guarantees that the prescribed temperature requirements of the highly sensitive pharmaceuticals machines and products are always guaranteed/insured during storage.
  • Efficiency: The passion of the entire laboratory team is to help ensure and further improve the quality of products and processes. For each new project, we look for individual solutions that are specifically tailored to the customer according to economic principles. The test procedures allow conclusions to be drawn about the service life, functionality and effectiveness of the products.
  • Future-oriented: The constant striving for progress and practical orientation as well as customer proximity and the development of new test systems form the basis of VL Thermo-Solutions. As an independent partner, we are always evolving and can also react quickly and just as flexibly.

Technical standards according to DIN ISO norms and occupational health and safety


The topics of occupational health and safety and technical standards described under DIN ISO standards are further aspects of the diverse scope of work performed by VL Thermo-Solutions. For Example, the materials of an air-conditioning system for the driver’s cab, for example in road construction or agriculture, are sometimes subject to immense climatic conditions, depending on the climatic zone. Mostly they are caused by high solar radiation, enormous cold, high relative humidity or strong temperature changes. All this is precisely simulated and tested in our climate hall. This guarantees that the test objects work durably and faultlessly, even under extreme climatic situations.

An additional facet is also ensuring travel comfort in buses or caravans. This is also tested by us, because in this industry, air conditioning and heating must also function perfectly in order to meet the requirements of the user. VL Thermo-Solutions GmbH stands for quality, flexibility, competence, innovation as well as efficiency and sustainability.


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